My passion is creating, and I find happiness in being a better me today than the me yesterday.

An IT professional for the last 10 years, with experience in the analysis, development, and customer support. Proactive, assiduous, dedicated, responsible, developer focused on Web Systems. More than 8 years experience developing successful systems that have increased efficiency and reduction in expenses.

My journey as a front end developer started already at the age 14 when attending my first computer (yep, took this long), my first contact with a computer was like movie scenes. I fall in love immediately.

When I was about to complete 18 years old, I had the chance to move to France - (Nantes), and I was able to study the French Language, and some things that I'm really proud of, which helped my career and my skills. So, after almost 3 years, I had to get back do Brazil, but with a lot of experience in my mind and hands, and a pretty good French.

My work is something I do with lot of honesty, appetite and commitment. Over the past years I had the opportunity to drive and do hands-on work for some BIG companies. My works has reached: Ronaldo Academy Brasilia, São Geraldo, Royal Prestige, Senador Tasso and some many others.

I’m currently self-employed and working as a front end developer at! and Papo Móbile. In my spare time you’ll find me studying, studying, studying and drinking coffee. I love new adventures, meeting new people and mostly capturing the moments.